Maunby House Stables

Welcome to Maunby House Stables, our family home. During the last 35 years, we have trained more than 1,500 winners at our privately owned yard. These include steeplechasers to high class sprinters and two year olds.  Located near Thirsk, in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire, Maunby House Stables is within an hour’s drive of numerous racecourses.

The following pages provide a brief overview of life at the yard. If you would like to know more please get in touch with me or my daughter Nicola.

David And Nicola Barron

“I’ve been very lucky, spending my time doing something I really love”

David Barron

“We aim to produce above average Saturday horses that don’t cost the horses that don’t cost the earth, but are capable of winning at a very high level.  We pride quality over quantity, with a focus on bringing on younger horses either for profitable resale, or to subsequently boost the overall strength of our stables”

Nick Barron

“A shrewd operator with a non-nonsense attitude to his horse.  David Barron, season after season gets the best from his team”

Tony Elves, At The Races

“Those heavy eyebrows are not for intimidation: They exist purely to shield the rest of us from the twinkle in his eye”

Peter Thomas, Racing Post